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CT Scan
CT Scan

Our staff is well trained and our equipment and scan protocols are optimized to keep this radiation dose as low as possible to reduce the risk factor.

MRI Scan
MRI Scan

Well-established and reputed Diagnostic Centres in Kadapa district with best-in-class equipment at affordable price.

USG Scan
USG Scan

Ultrasound helps doctors to find the cause of your problem and the best treatment options available for you. We have advanced ultrasound equipment to fit the various needs of our patients.



At SRS Diagnostics, our team carries years of experience and offer the utmost standard of procedures, with advanced technology that gives an accurate diagnosis.


Our Hematologists and hematopathologists are highly trained who specialize in diseases of the blood and blood components and provide you an accurate diagnosis.


At SRS Diagnostics we have established a modern histopathology laboratory which is fully equipped to provide high quality histopathology and cytopathology services.

About Us

Our Vision is to go beyond diagnostics and testing and to inspire people to live healthy.

Our integrated diagnostic services help doctors personalize patient care to optimally treat disease and maintain health and wellness.

  • We inspire to Live Healthy.
  • We aim to deliver an excellent patient experience.
  • We offer reliable and accurate diagnostic services at affordable prices.
  • We are patient focused and our service is transparent.

Meet Our Team

Mohan Reddy
Mohan Reddy Chittepu
Managing Director
Dr B. jayalakshmi
Dr. B. Jayalakshmi
Mbbs, MD Radiology, Senior Consultant Radiology

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