Chemical Biochemistry (also known as clinical chemistry or chemical pathology) is the study of chemical and biochemical mechanisms of the body about the disease, mostly through the analysis of body fluids such as blood or urine.

Hormones, Tumour Markers, Vitamin Testing, are done on fully automated Random Access Immunoassay analyzers, including the sensitive Chemiluminescence and Electrochemiluminescence Technologies.

There are ā€œNā€ number of situations that require clinical tests, like in a case of heart attack, there would be significant changes in the chemical composition of body fluids such as the raised blood enzymes due to their release from damaged heart muscles. There would be a raised blood sugar in diabetes mellitus due to a lack of insulin to help tissues take up the glucose. Chemical biochemistry has tests designed to detect these changes qualitatively or quantitatively compared to results from healthy people.

Chemical biochemistry also includes a wide range of analytical techniques such as molecular diagnostics, measurement of enzyme activities, spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, and immunoassays.

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Why SRS Diagnostics?

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