Histopathology is the diagnosis and study of diseases of the tissues, and involves examining tissues and/or cells under a microscope. Histopathologists deals with tissue and specimen analysis which provides the final disease diagnosis and helps the physician/surgeon define an effective treatment plan for the patient.

In the mission for excellence in pathology, we recognized the necessity for good histopathology and cytopathology services at Kadapa. To fulfil this need we have established a modern histopathology laboratory which is fully equipped to provide high quality histopathology and cytopathology services. These services will answer diagnostic and therapeutic questions in surgical pathology in a timely and comprehensive manner

At SRS Diagnostics, we examine three main types of specimens (or samples:

Larger specimens which include whole organs or a part that were removed during surgical operations.

Sections of tissue removed for biopsy require minor surgical procedures with sedation. Biopsies include excision biopsies, in which tissue is removed with a scalpel or a core biopsy, in which a needle is inserted into a suspicious mass to remove a slither or the core of the tissue to examine it under the microscope

Fluid and very small pieces of tissue can be obtained via a fine needle aspiration (FNA). This is performed using a thinner needle than that used in a core biopsy, but with a similar technique. This type of material is usually liquid rather than solid and is submitted for cytology rather than histology.

Why SRS Diagnostics?

At SRS Diagnostics, we offer the utmost standard of procedures, with advanced technology that gives an accurate diagnosis. Our team carry their years of experience to provide accuracy along the way. With painless, non-invasive diagnostic equipment, patient care is at the best, ensuring complete under one roof.